Female political leaders have more demands placed upon them than their male counterparts: criticised for crying at the ‘wrong’ times, and for failing to cry when the gravity of the situation demands it. This paradox is enforced particularly hard upon older, Conservative-leaning women who tend to be more reserved in public. To avoid both sexism and ageism, journalistic obsession over women’s emotions, and their emotional responses, must stop altogether. Crying is not an objective science, and ‘to cry’ is not synonymous with ‘to feel.’

Jacob Rees-Mogg is right to note that the similarities between Theresa May and Robert Peel are striking. But while the ERG-frontman is warning the Prime Minister against reaching out to the opposition (in the same way Peel did in 1846), that’s now exactly what’s needed to overcome the Brexit impasse. Especially given the humiliating cross-party reception her half-hearted Stronger Regions Fund has received nationwide.